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Religious figure rejects Afghan war as ‘haram’

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KABUL: Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb, lecturer of the al-Azhar Islamic University called the Taliban’s ongoing war in Afghanistan as “haram” (forbidden), praising Afghan forces for being in the right direction of defending their homeland and people.

Tayyeb wrote these words on Twitter on Tuesday, in which he called the Afghan war a “fratricide”. 
“Some brothers asked me about Afghan war last Friday. As I have already said, I would like to repeat that the war in Afghanistan is haram and a fratricide, especially now that the Taliban are in peace with the United States and a peace process in going on between Kabul and Taliban.”

He mentioned that the war in Afghanistan is Muslim killing in which Afghan forces are right and their soldiers are martyrs when they die. Tayyeb said that Taliban are fools and their death prayers should not be performed.

He mentioned the death of Ayaz Neyazi a religious scholar who was killed last month in Kabul, blaming Taliban for the killing.
A Saudi cleric had earlier denounced the war in Afghanistan.
Taliban have intensified attacks on government forces and civilians after their February peace deal with the United States that bans the militants from targeting US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

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