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Religious scholar unveils Taliban “atrocities, unjust Imprisonment”

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KABUL – In Kandahar, Maulvi Sarwar Shah Agha Sahib, a prominent spiritual figure and religious scholar, boldly exposed the Taliban’s atrocities and the unjust imprisonment of innocent individuals. This marked a historic moment as the religious scholar openly criticized the Taliban government in front of a massive audience.

Maulvi Sarwar Shah Agha Sahib condemned the Taliban’s mistreatment of prisoners, shedding light on the suffering inflicted upon individuals. He particularly emphasized the imprisonment of innocent people who had not committed crimes such as theft, adultery, suicide, or murder, yet were incarcerated by the Taliban for extended periods, some for as long as 16 years.

Notably rooted in Kandahar and associated with the Taliban, Maulvi Sahib Sarwar Shah Agha has a significant role in leading prayers for rain and oversees a jihadist seminary where Taliban students of various ages receive education.

Agha Sahib went further to address the Taliban’s judiciary, blaming them for imprisoning innocents. He called upon the Taliban to embrace a path of peace, urging them to cease the harassment of the Afghan people. This courageous stance against the Taliban’s actions by a respected religious figure from Kandahar signals potential consequences for the oppressive regime.

As this voice of dissent echoes across Afghanistan, it becomes evident that the Taliban’s control through oppression is unsustainable. The religious scholar’s plea implies that for the Taliban to prolong their rule, they must reconsider their policies; otherwise, their governance will face challenges as societies reject oppression, foreseeing a potentially brief reign.

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