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Religious scholars at Makkah Summit called for end of war in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The Ulema of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan stressed on ending the Afghan war and called on the Afghan warring parties to peruse peace and put aside their differences on the negotiation table.

The summit was hosted by Makkah via zoom conference held on Thursday.

The Afghan clerics believe the current war waged by the Taliban had no justification to be called Jihad.

The Ulema said termed Islam as a religious that teaches tolerance and peace. They called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to resolve their differences through talks.

“We should stop the explosions and the suicide attacks which make victims of our children, scholars and others in the country. Our opponents are also our Muslim brothers. But we do not act like them and do not brand them infidels,” said Mohammad Qasim Halimi, the Afghan minister of religious affairs and pilgrimage.

“Muslims are being killed inside the mosques, the children are being killed during their birth, attacks are launched on universities and hospitals,” said Halimi.

The Pakistani clerics vows that Afghan peace would ensure peace in the region.

“The government, people and scholars of Pakistan want to see peace in Afghanistan,” said Noor-ul-Haq Qaderi, a Pakistani scholar.

 “We hope that Saudi Arabia continues its cooperation with us until there is peace in Afghanistan,” he said.

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