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Religious scholars call for alien troops’ withdrawal

AT-KABUL: A large number of religious scholars called for the pullout of the alien soldiers from Afghanistan, claiming that their presence had deteriorated the country’s security situation.

They said in a large gathering Tuesday in Kabul that it was impossible to reach peace at the presence of foreign forces in the country. The clerics added that neither the government, nor the Taliban and foreigners have any peace plans, asking for a deadline for the foreign troops’ withdrawal.

Some circles have paved the ground for the presence of the American soldiers in Afghanistan that has caused Afghanistan turning to the field for proxy wars and prolonging existence of foreign troops.

They said that the current situation has discouraged Afghans from the so-called bilateral security agreement with the United States and an opportunity had been provided for a review on the pact.

Their demand over the review on the US security pact follows similar demand from members of parliament and political leaders that asked for a review last week.

The religious scholars who had gathered under the Peace and Rescue council, said the security pact with the US had deteriorated security of the country.

The clerics said now it was time to cancel the security pact, and even those people who supported the agreement, are the biggest opposition of the pact.

Everyone at the gathering expressed opposition to the US military presence in Afghanistan and asked for their withdrawal.

They said the US presence was not fruitful for Afghans at all and this would be more injurious if they keep staying here.

They added that the foreign forces’ presence had changed Afghanistan to a battlefield among powerful rivals and Afghans were the only victims of this war.

At the end of the session, the religious scholars released a resolution that says “shameless meddling of foreign states was leading Afghanistan to destruction and annihilation.”

The resolution said that military was not the way for resolve, but it destroys more Afghanistan and affects neighboring and regional countries.

The religious scholars suggested dialogue and Afghan-led peace program as the only resolve way.

The six-article resolution further added: Foreign troops should withdraw from Afghanistan, because their presence did not help security improvement, but worsened the situation.

It asked the United Nations to help for a regional consensus and support Afghans decisions to cut off foreign interference and assist Afghans to reach a durable peace.

The resolution called on the war sides, political parties and national figures to work for national unity and avoid any thing that causes rift, misunderstanding and political enmity.

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