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Report reveals shocking conditions in Pule Charkhi prison

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KABUL: A Parliament delegation has made a shocking revelation of the precarious situation of the Pule Charkhi prison – of a rampant sexual solicitation from women staff and unrestricted sale of drugs.

A 3-member delegation of the Parliament has unveiled the outrageous condition and malpractice in Pule Charkhi prison in Kabul, saying jail wardens coerce women staff for sex.

The delegation assessed the prison three times in a row over the past week. In general session of the parliament on Wednesday, the delegation reported that all types of illicit drugs are openly sold in bulk in the prison. “We have observed signs of dangerous drugs such as opium, glass, weed, hallucinogens and cocaine,” it said.

The report revealed that “two female staff in the prison reported sexual abuse by wardens and that they were threatened to be replaced elsewhere if they don’t comply”.

“We have recorded video interviews of these two women, which will be sent to the judiciary at the earliest,” said Simin Barekzai, a delegation member. She said the two women have sought protection for exposing the culprit wardens.

The reports says the third ward of the prison houses underage children who are facing psychological and nutrition problems. “Many of them have become addicted to drugs as there is evidence of the use of glass and weed,” it said. “Underage children are under threat of sexual abuse”.

The prison keeps 140 inmates in a tiny cell, inmates’ cases are not prosecuted, 10 deranged prisoners are kept in the corridor, lack of medical and healthcare facilities are among the findings highlighted in the report.

This delegation visited Pule Charkhi prison after a strike of prisoners against a presidential degree to free some inmates for virus dangers. Some prisoners were seen sewing their mouth in dissent.

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