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Reports of Gizab’s fall are a fabrication, officials

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KABUL: Local officials in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province are brushing off reports about the fall of Gizab district, after some security sources said the Taliban took control of the district.

Ahmad Shah Sahel, a spokesman for the governor of Uruzgan, said on Friday that fighting was still ongoing in Gizab district and that Afghan troops, including special forces, were guarding the district against insurgents.

Sahel stated that government facilities in Gizab were in the hands of government forces, but he confirmed that the Taliban had reached the district center Thursday night; “But they were pushed back,” he said.

“Several Taliban attacks have been repulsed and 10 rebels have been killed and four others wounded. Yesterday evening, the prison building fell into the hands of insurgents and they set the building on fire. The war is on the ground and our forces are preparing for a new military operation,” he said.

But locals say Gizab the Taliban overrun Gizab after heavy fighting. But with the arrival of reinforcements, the district was liberated from the Taliban.

The Taliban have not commented on the attack.

Gizab district is located northeast of Trinkot, the capital of Uruzgan province, which shares a border with Daikundi province and has been the scene of Taliban attacks for the past two months.

This is as security officials in Kandahar province say Afghan special forces have cleared the Arghandab district of gunmen and an operation has been launched to clear roads of landmines.

Kandahar police spokesman Jamal Barakzai said that armed insurgents were targeted in different parts of Arghandab district last night.

“Our clearing operation is underway in Arghandab. Last night, 15 gunmen were killed in airstrikes. At the end of this operation, civilians will be relocated to their areas,” he added.

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