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Residents complain of ‘broken heating system’ in Microrayons

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KABUL: Residents in the Microrayon residential complexes complain about the broken heater system, saying that they are bearing a freezing winter.

According to the national disaster management authority, Kabul is expected to face a cold freezing winter this year.

Sharifa, 60, is living in a family of 10 members in the First Microrayon. She had to leave her apartment and live with her daughter in another neighborhood due to lack of heating system.

“Despite our constant complaints to the in charges the government didn’t repair the heaters,” she said.

The heating system in the First Microrayon was broken last year as well, according to her. “They promise to repair the heaters but now we want them to at least fix the power problems.”

Malalai a 43 years old resident of the First Microrayon, cited heating system workers that the pipes were too old and no longer capable to functioning.

Malalai also expressed frustration on the shortage in power supply, saying that the residents are “confused how to warm their rooms”.

Meanwhile, Head of the First Microrayon zone, Abdul Samad Kohestani said that the issue was shared with the in charges but the problem is yet to be solved.

“They promised last year to repair it but they didn’t, this year also the in charges were unable to repair the pipes and heaters,” he added.

Abdul Rahim Haidari, head of the Fourth Microrayon said that although the heater system was expensive, the system does not properly functioning to warm the houses.

Fawad Formoly, head of the Third Microrayon said, “38 blocks do not have heater system and the technical team does not have modern instruments to repair them.”

Director of Microrayon supervision department, Abdul Ahad Sohrabi said that they have offered the people a new network to provide them heater system but the residents refused. The heater system would be repaired next year, he added. 

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