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Residents preparing basements for safety as security worsening in Kunduz

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KABUL: People in Kunduz say they are preparing basements of their houses as the situation is deteriorating in the northern province once a secure area that borders Tajikistan. Residents say that Taliban fighters have increased attacks on the suburbs of the provincial capital.

“Taliban have long had presence at the outskirts of Kunduz and war is continuing. People cannot go to their jobs freely and cannot visit their relatives and friends. The sound of firing is getting closer and closer and this situation worries people,” said Zahra Kakar, a Kunduz resident.

“This situation has put a very bad impact on the people. Taliban are seen 500 meters or one kilometer from the Kunduz center. The sound of gunshots psychologically hurts people and the government doesn’t take serious measures. The gunshots target civilians,” Ahmadullah, another Kunduz resident said.

Ahmad Belal, who also lives in Kunduz, says that the end of three-day cease fire made people to think about their security. “People are in fear and have already collected their foodstuff and other essentials. They are preparing the basements of their houses to live safe. Some people have taken their vehicles and other assets to out of city.”

But the ministry of defense says of sending reinforcements to the province.

“The Afghan security and defense forces are fully ready to protect the people. Therefore, fresh forces of commando unit have been stationed in Kunduz to respond any types of anti-security and terrorist activities,” Fawad Aman, defense ministry spokesman, said.

The provincial police have ordered personnel to be standby.

But the people say that a great fear has already shaded the city’s atmosphere.

Kunduz city fell twice to Taliban (2015 and 2016) who shortly ruled the city before being driven back by government’s reinforcement.

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