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Respond to Russia for interfering in Afghan affairs: MPs to govt

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of parliament strongly condemned the trilateral meeting over Afghanistan situation with the presence of representatives from Pakistan, Russia and China in Moscow while nobody was invited from Afghanistan.

Lawmakers asked the government to take action against Moscow and address the issue through diplomacy channels.

Legislators expressed deepest concern over Russia and Taliban relation and a meeting hosted by Moscow over Afghanistan on 27th December.

“Hosting a meeting by Moscow with the participant of Pakistan and China is a matter of concern, government of Afghanistan should not remain silent,” said speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi.

Coming hard over hosting of Moscow a meeting on Afghanistan situation, without presence of Afghan government, he said that continuation of such meeting is an alarm of concern for coming year, thus it is required of government to take action and address the issue through diplomacy channels.

He urged the government to take serious preparation in order to defeat any threats in next year.

Meanwhile Lawmaker Kubra Mustafawi, while strongly condemned the hosting of a meeting over Afghanistan by Moscow is a clear interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan.

She said that running of such meeting without presence of Afghanistan is a sign of interference of regional intelligence department in Afghanistan’s affairs.

Pointing to Soviet Union raid in 1979, she said that millions of Afghans martyred, wounded as well infrastructures destroyed during Russia raid, so patients over Moscow should not interfere any more in Afghanistan’s affairs.

Hinting to Pakistan as one of the participant of the meeting in Moscow, she said that Pakistan want to hide its subversive and terrorist activities, thus Islamabad struggle to motivate Russia and China to interfere in the aspect.

Today Afghanistan is aquite different Afghanistan, it is not a country, which were in the past, Afghan people are well aware and will defend from all national interests, she insisted.

Every Afghan know that running of such abovementioned meeting and interference is an act to destroy and occupy this country, but Afghan never will let them to reach to their goal, she insisted.

Another lawmaker Robaba Parwani said that holding of meeting without presence of Afghanistan in Moscow could be very dangerous for Afghanistan.

She said that Internal Security Affairs, Defense and International Relation Committees of the Wolesi Jirga must jointly hold a meeting and discuss all security issues including Bilateral Security Agreement signed between Afghan and US government.

The mentioned committee must present clear suggestion for government in order to boost up security for coming year in the country, she insisted.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Tuesday also voiced unhappiness over the planned trilateral meeting between China, Russia and Pakistan on Afghanistan in Moscow.

Also recently the lawmakers in Upper House (Meshrano Jirga) of Parliament had voiced concern over Russia and Taliban relation; calling it a clear hostility against the people of Afghanistan.

According to some report the participants in Moscow summit over Afghanistan discussed to exclude Taliban leader name form UN black list.

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