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Revival of Kabul University as an Asian University of Excellence

The time is ripe for making Kabul University Asia’s top university which will provide quality education to Afghan students. History reveals to us Kabul University’s role in providing high standards education in the region.

Chancellor and Advisor Minister, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi is striving to revive the Kabul University historical role in serving the Afghan nation and the region.

A general needs assessment has been designed to reveal and address the issues blocking education quality, defining Afghanistan’s market-based needs and improving teaching methodologies and curriculum. Furthermore, this assessment provides the foundation for the formulation of a Strategic Implementation Plan which will operationalize the critical remedies necessary for Kabul University’s success and paves the way to a standardized high-level assessment adapted to Afghanistan’s vibrant culture. This General Assessment Plan, or GAP, will identify key issues across the 12 higher education themes.

Meanwhile, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has visited Kabul University on Thursday in order to see the state of developments and achievements. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said, while addressing the staff of Kabul University, “The students of Kabul University have to contribute to national integration.” He further added, “The current higher education does not address the current Afghanistan’s problems and we have to work hard to ensure its contribution.”

President Ghani has emphasized the role of students in research and addressing national issues in all the required areas.

Chancellor and Advisor Minister to President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Prof. Farooqi also contributed and said, “Kabul University is closed to its 85th anniversary and we are planning to celebrate it.” He said, “We have been given a strategic plan which will further be modified through conducting a comprehensive general assessment of Kabul University and I believe, we will soon be able to transfer Kabul University from traditional to modern form via technology and research.”

He emphasized the importance of research centers and strategic capacity of Kabul University in order to fix the bureaucratic, institutional and social issues of Afghanistan. He also promised the accomplishment of a comprehensive strategy on the improvement of the administrative staff, eradication of corruption and establishment of strategic research centers in Kabul University.

Minister of Higher Education, Abdul Latif Roshan, has also said, “We are happy to come through a ten years comprehensive plan for improving the higher education and training of the students based on education, skill and experience in order to enable them market oriented.” He further added, “We promise our commitment to fulfilling all those strategies leading us to student learning.”

The Heads of Chemistry, Literature & Chinese Language, and Biology Departments, Tahiri Nabi, Prof. Le, and Abdul Rahman Usmani also talked to the audience and expressed their views for the betterment of Kabul University in the concerned areas.

President Ghani was awarded an honorary PhD in the end and the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan thanked the Chancellor and the university staffs for their efforts. (ATN)

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