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Rift between NUG leaders exacerbates insecurity: Meshrano Jirga

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Meshrano Jirga (MJ) or Senate on Sunday lambasted the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders for their failure to overcome insecurity challenges.

Expressing serious concerns over fall of Yamgan district of Badakhshan province to the Taliban, the senators said that due to rift between President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah, the security situation is deteriorating rapidly.

They said that security officials in the provinces were incapable of dealing with the insurgency while the central government was not seemed much concerned.

Members of the Meshrano Jirga said that the NUG leaders were engaged in a tug of war over appointment of the incompetent people on key security posts. They said that political differences between the president and CEO, absence of defense minister and multi-dimensional security strategy had exacerbated insecurity.

They held the mismanagement of provincial officials and negligence of the central government responsible for fall of Yamgan district. The senators said that insecurity would continue to haunt Afghans if the government failed to “wake up from the slumber”.

Nesar Ahmad Haris, a senator from Kabul, said the government is solely responsible for killings of Afghan soldiers and policemen because the leaders were busy in power struggle. “The leaders [President and CEO] are trying to appoint their nearest but untalented supporters at important government positions. They forgot to defend the country,” he said.

He said that differences between the two leaders would further deteriorate the security situation.

Deputy Chairman of the Meshrano Jirga, Muhammad Alam Ezidyar, said the government has no security plan for defending the country against anti-state elements.

“Leaders of the National Unity Government shall fulfill their promises; otherwise it will be dangerous for future of the country,” he said.

Dozens of Taliban insurgents attacked Yamgan district on Saturday and took control of the district after several hours of clash with security forces.

Senators said that Badakhshan province is facing serious security threats for the past two months, but the government did not take serious security measures.

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