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Rifts in NUG: Jihadi, political leaders offers mediation

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Expressing serious concerns over widening rifts between the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders, the Council of Jihadi and National Political Parties (CoJNPP) on Tuesday said that it was ready to mediate in order resolve the differences.

“State affairs are in a sensitive stage which is a matter of concern for people and the CoJNPP. Therefore, we exert utmost efforts to overcome challenges,” said Head of CoJNPP, Sebaghatullah Mojadidi.

He said the council has taken steps to settle the tension between President Ashraf Ghani and First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Karim Khalili, a member of the CoJNPP, said the government was passing through critical juncture. “All political and jihadi parties as well as public have the responsibility to placate the situation,” he said.

Khalili said the CoJNPP would remain committed and united to praise the government for good work and criticize it for failures.

Criticizing the government for growing internal rifts, he said the NUG leaders had to foster national unity rather than engaging in and promoting politics of divergence.

“We will try our best to prevent the country from going into crisis. The leaders must adhere to the agreement on the basis of which the current government was established,” he said.

Announcing his support for law enforcement agencies, Khalili said that considering conflict involved parties’ activity, they support peace process in order to bring stability to the country.

Lack of coordination and trust among the top government officials came to the fore, when the First Vice President General Dostum and President’s Special Representative on Reforms and Good Governance Ahmad Zia Massoud had complained regarding tension and imbalanced authority in NUG.

They said that if the top leadership in the power center failed to address the challenges, people would be left with no other choice but to seek alternatives.

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