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Rigged polls will nudge the country towards crises: Rana Think Tank

AT-KABUL: Experts and political personalities participating in the Rana Think Tank monthly session contended that elections rigged by thousands of fake Tazkiras and stickers will nudge the country towards an unrestrained and uncontrolled crisis.

They believed that surge in insecurity, absence of rule of law in about 50pc of the country, and internal and foreign middling in election process are the clear signs that the government will fail to run free, fair and nationwide parliamentary election. They said that if the upcoming parliamentary elections won’t be nationwide and transparent, trust levels on the vote will ebb which will inadvertently bring about colossal challenges throughout the country.

Ex-Governor of Kabul Abdul Jabar Taqwa said the US emphasizes on elections and the government obeys; so if the election is marred by fraud, challenges will escalate. “Election is likely a project for foreigners particularly for the US forces in a bid to keep Americans’ consent and support for continuing the Afghan war,” he opined.

He claimed that elections in Afghanistan are not bound by law and democracy. “It is just to keep Americans satisfied,” he remarked.

Situation is not smooth for elections; such conditions will make it very challenging to hold the vote. So, if the challenges persist and inflate, the government and the US will be blamed for it, said Taqwa.

Pointing out to the Taliban’s dissent to the October elections, Taqwa said running such elections will tarnish the peace negotiations between the government and the Taliban.

He proposed the hostile situation be alleviated and security and political turmoil eased before running elections. Currently, the grounds for a national consensus, a traditional Loya Jirga and negotiations with the Taliban are prepared much more than ever; “So it is needed that all stakeholders including the Taliban assemble in a national Loya Jirga and seek a way out of the conflict,” he proposed.

Analyst Ahmadullah Nawid said the US and other foreign forces are here in Afghanistan for their own interest, so Afghans must use the opportunity for their own benefit.

He said that Afghans must learn to use opportunities in order to rescue the country.

Mostly Afghan people are idealist, so we must learn to be operational and take active action to solve issues, he added.

Some other experts participated in the session believed that Afghan government must struggle to bring a balance in foreign policy between US and Russia in order to find clue for current crisis.

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