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Road blocks inflict millions of Afs on traders

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KABUL: Businessmen have suffered million of Afghanis loss so far as trucks carrying their goods are stopped at the four entrances of Kabul city due to security of the ongoing Loya Jirga.

These traders said Tuesday that their goods were mostly foodstuff like chicken, fruit and vegetable and were rotted due to the road blocks.

“These refrigerator trucks are loaded with chicken and are stopped here for three days. The chicken will be rotted if it is kept in the refrigerator for one week. We see some chickens already rotted,” said Rahman Hamidi, one of the traders whose truck has been stopped at an entrance of Kabul.

Meanwhile, truck drivers also say that their loaded trucks are stopped at the eastern entrance of the capital in the Pol-e-Charkhi area.

“I am carrying bananas in my truck and they will be rotted if I have to continue waiting here,” truck driver Abasin said.

“I have watermelons on my truck. It is not clear how long I have to stay here. I have already suffered 80,000 Afs loss,” another truck driver, Gul Rahman said.

Some 3,200 delegates from 34 provinces are discussing peace with Taliban in the four-day long Loya Jirga. The event has caused problems not only for hundreds of trucks to carry foodstuff and other essentials, but also for Kabul residents who cannot go from one part of the city to another.

On Sunday, a new-born baby lost his life to illness after his father was unable to take him to medical facility.

Truck drivers say that they are not afford to rent hotels and have to stay overnights inside their trucks. “We spend the nights over the blue sky, because we cannot pay 500 Afs for a hotel room per night. We have to cook and eat potatoes that are cheap,” said Mohammad Gul, another truck driver.

Rahim, a vegetable seller in Kabul says that the road blocks have caused 40 to 50 per cent increase in the prices because of supply shortage.

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