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Road to Janikhel district reopened

AT-KABUL: The Ministry of Defense announced Sunday that the road to the Janikhil district of southern Paktia province was reopened to traffic in an operation carried out by army forces in the province.

The road was closed by Taliban insurgents, which caused different transportation problems for people. They had no access to markets and could not shift sick and injured people to central hospital either.

Clearance operation is going on by the army in the district and security is in a better condition, said the ministry in a statement.

Army chief of staff Qadam Shah Shaheem during his visit from the district ensured people for continuation of crackdown against insurgents in the areas, noted the statement.

Residents of Janikhil district committed to support Afghan army for further security achievement in the province.

It is pertained to mention that Taliban always change their war tactic, without considering humanity issues. Taliban have kept roads to different districts closed to bring pressure on the people as well as Afghan forces.

Taliban plant mines on the road and then ambush for Afghan forces, which mostly cause civilian casualties.

On the other hand defense ministry said that 25 insurgents killed and 12 others were wounded in ground and air raids in Balkh, Kunduz and Faryab Northern provinces within past 24 hours.

Afghan forces targeted insurgents through airstrike in Imam district of Kunduz, killing 21 rebels and wounding eight others in the district, mentioned statement.

Statement said that four Taliban fighters were killed and two other wounded in clashes by army forces in Faryab province.

Also Afghan forces conducted clearance operation in Chamtal district of Balkh province, which as result two Taliban fighters wounded.

Army forces clearance operation will be continued in the above-mentioned provinces in order to eliminate insurgents in the area and provide people a safe environment.

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