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Rocket attack hits largest U.S. military base in Syria


Kabul: The US’s biggest military base in Syria has come under rocket attack, hours after another installation housing American forces was similarly targeted with projectiles.

Syria’s al-Watan daily reported the attack on Sunday, identifying the target as the US’s outpost in the al-Omar Oilfield in the eastern Syrian Province of Dayr al-Zawr. The paper said the incident saw multiple rockets being fired against the facility.

Reporting from the area, a correspondent with the Russian Sputnik news agency’s Arabic service described the rocket fire as “the most intense” attack to ever target the facility.

The US forces have been actively involved in Syria under the guise of fighting terrorist group.

The Syrian government has constantly expressed its opposition to the US role in Syria, and demanded that US forces withdraw.

The US military has stationed forces and equipment in northeastern Syria, with the Pentagon claiming that the deployment is aimed at preventing the oilfields in the area from falling into the hands of ISIS remnants.

Earlier in the day, rockets were fired against a military facility housing US forces in the Hasakah Province, which neighbors Dayr al-Zawr.

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