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Rockets target Kabul city

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KABUL: Several rockets fired from the outskirts of Kabul targeted the city on Monday morning, according to reports, amid the speedy withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan that is expected to end on Tuesday (August 31).

The reports cited eyewitnesses who said that the rockets hit the Salim Karwan neighborhood on the road to the Kabul airport, but it was unclear who fired them.

An eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous, said that he heard the sound of three explosions that were likely rocket crashing.

He said that residents fled their homes after the attacks.

No casualties were reported immediately.

The US military stationed at the Kabul airport refused to comment on the incident.

The US troops said they targeted a vehicle filled with explosives to attack the Kabul airport by a drone strike. They accused the Daesh terrorist group of attempting an attack on the airport for the second time. A Daesh-claimed suicide attack blew himself up among the crowd gathered at the airport gate, killing nearly 200 people mostly civilians on Thursday. More than 200 other people were injured in the suicide bombing.

The Thursday bombing was the first incident since the Taliban took control of the capital on August 15.

But Afghans said that the Sunday attack carried out by the US troops killed three children.

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