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Afghan-Pak Role Key in All Affairs

By Mujtaba Qasim

The ongoing peace process in Doha is a great opportunity for the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban Movement, all Afghans is very optimistic for its process and negotiation. To be fact that, it is been four decades that Afghanistan is a war-afflicted country and thousands of people, children, men, women, our educated generations have been lost their precious lives. Basically, the Afghans are very hopeful for this compromise and deal. Furthermore, they hope for the betterment of their land to be prosperous and peaceful according to education, higher education and high diplomatic relationship with other countries. They anticipate not only for the uniliteral group, but also for the bilateral group to make their country with immense brotherhood.

In addition to over two months of tough discussion between Taliban and Government, they agreed to sign the guidance of negotiation. Now the Afghan Nation is very hopeful for these agreement and Guidance, they are looking forward for the result base action from both sides. I am personally very optimistic for this process and people as well because Afghanistan had been engaged in war for four decades.

In my view, if the peace comes to Afghanistan all the people will be engaged and active in every section, it will direct strengthen the economic sector between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Upon having peace, Afghanistan will be the square of economics zone, Afghanistan and Pakistan will have a very high range of imports and exports with each others, and a high range of trade with multi countries including Pakistan, it will find the best goodwill of the trade on international and on region base. Afghanistan and Pakistan’s infrastructure section will direct effectively. Moreover, it will have effect on investment our both countries productions will go increasingly according to imports and exports peace is the only way for prosperous of both countries. When peace comes, Afghanistan and Pakistan will be the most active countries in economic sector at the Asia level because Afghanistan and Pakistan have their common values, culture, and affairs.

Similarly, if the peace process outcome gets successfully, Afghanistan and Pakistan will have good relations with each others, an corridor will be open between each countries, the good education system, the better diplomatic ties and the strengthen unity. Upon having these compromises, all the countries must have sorting implementations for Afghanistan and Pakistan they should bring peace, eliminate the terrorism altogether, be against of all the terrorist groups and not permit them to have criminals inside Afghanistan.

Here I would like to write about what is the role of Pak-Afghan media in peace process?

The role of Pak-Afghan is significantly designed for both sides as it is crystal that Afghanistan and Pakistan have good companionships since the majority of Afghans have been migrated to Pakistan owning to the Soviet Union and the war of Russia in the year of 1982.

Upon the Afghans were migrating to Pakistan, the government of Pakistan has welcomed for Afghans. In fact, majority of our young generations have gotten education, cultures, traditions. If peace comes to Afghanistan alongside with these companionships, Afghanistan and Pakistan both countries can exchange senior lecturers to our University and our government has welcomed them. In my views, if both countries sustain and maintain this relationship, for instance, if there is particular training not only in educations sectors but also in culture and traditions undoubtedly peace will come to our land.

Above all these ideas, peace also plays a pivotal role concerning to entertainment, dramas, sports and having friendly atmosphere between Afghanistan and Pakistan. For instance, there are many dramas in Afghanistan that have been televised by the people of Pakistan through these dramas people have emotions and sympathizing to have companion with each other. In addition to televising dramas, there have been many crickets matches between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Indeed, these matches have brought a huge brotherhood and companion for both countries and in fact it plays an essential role in Pak-Afghan Media.

In addition to entertainments, if there is general and practical seminars and training for both sides I am sure it will have peace and strengthens between these two countries because it needs emotions, brotherhood, companion and complete service for both sides. As mentioned concerning to economic growth in Afghanistan. Actually, Pakistan can also be an economical country with Afghanistan since we have very near border from almost four provinces.

Through these borders, both countries can export and import goods, commodities and equipment. For instance, it can export fresh fruits, dry fruits and vegetables to Pakistan, in fact Afghanistan can send their stones and diamonds to other international countries and it can import some construction equipment such as cement, machineries. In fact, this trade will not only make us towards brotherhood but also it can make us successful internationally.

Last but not the least, the peace process is one of the best opportunities for the people of Afghanistan.

It is incumbent for all neighbor’s countries to have their positive roles for this process. They should have unlike talks, negotiations, and discussion to make it peaceful, also, they should compromise with all our neighbor’s faithfully and play a good role for it.  Moreover, if it continues this process and give the priority to entertainments, sports and drams so definitely both countries will have immense brotherhood according to education, economic and also Afghanistan and Pakistan will be one of the most productive countries if they play the faithful roles.

The writer is an English Instructor at Kabul Institute of English Language Center. He is the student of BCs at one of the Private Universities in Kabul.

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