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Russia accuses west of abusing its citizens’ rights


Kabul: The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Afghanistan wrote in a new note about the challenges and abuses the Russians face in western countries.

When asked about plight of Russian citizens in the Western Europe he pointed out to different issues that currently Russian faces when traveling or living in western countries.

He noted that “abuse of the rights of Russians in “the collective West” has become rampant. The following most common types of abuse includes a wide range of service refusal (educational, medical, banking, etc.), measures against Russian businesses, arrest of property, compulsion to public repentance and condemnation of Russian authorities, suspension from sport events, music festivals and tournaments, as well as other cultural events, assaults, threats, insults, deliberate spoiling of property, and after all everyday discrimination, i.e. laying off from jobs, eviction of Russian families from premises despite rent agreements, etc.”

He also emphasized that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine was launched to protect the lives of Russian speakers and Russian culture and traditions in Ukraine from Nazis and racists.

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