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Russia, China, Iran supporting Taliban; Ex-militants

AT-KABUL: Some Taliban fighters who have joined the peace process, claim that Russia, China and Iran support the militant group.

50 Taliban militants with their commander Mullah Abdul GhaffarToofan, recently laid their weapons down and joined the government’s peace process in the northwestern province of Badghis. The group was engaged in the anti-government activities for 10 years in the Qades district.

“Iran, Soviet (a term still used by many Afghans to refer Russia) and China are continuingly supporting Taliban. Besides, there are rich people inside the country that send weapons and bullets to the Taliban. This is why Afghanistan burns in war flames,” said Toofan. He added that their leaders order them to prevent development and reconstruction projects in the Qades district and in Badghis province in general.

“Taliban destroy schools, Taliban destroy mosques, Taliban destroy roads and bridges. They put landmines because they do not want Afghanistan be built. Their senior leaders order them to destroy everything as much as they can. If they disobey, they will not receive assistance.”

Fahim Qayem, provincial police chief, said that Toofan was a prominent Taliban commander, and his joining the peace process would put a positive impact on the security situation in the Qades district.

“This person was a prominent commander of mujahideen who later joined Taliban due to differences with mujahideen. We held talks with him and convinced him and his fighters to abandon war and fratricide. For now, 50 people have joined the peace process and 300 more are going to join soon,” said Qayem.

Mullah Toofan had joined the government once earlier, but left and went back to Taliban because what he called lack of support from the government.

“I ask the head of the peace council to assist the Taliban fighters who join the peace process. The peace council should provide them with job opportunities, recruit them in police and army to keep them happy,” the provincial police chief said.

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