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Russia claims of Daesh shifting from Syria to Afghanistan

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KABUL: Russian officials allege that fighters loyal to Daesh terrorist network were shifted to Afghanistan after being defeated in Syria.

Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu, said Friday that a Russian military contingent needed to be deployed in Tajikistan near the border with Afghanistan to prevent the infiltration of Daesh terrorists to the Central Asian states and to Russia.

Russian media have reported that Russian and Tajik leaders had agreed on further security along Tajikistan’s southern border.

The concerns follow statements made by the US officials over Daesh presence in Afghanistan.

Shoygu said that Daesh fighters were heading to Afghanistan and Libya after they were defeated in Syria, and they were turning to another threat.

“Daesh group has been defeated in Syria, but its fighters are making efforts to seek a secure region. They are heading to Afghanistan and Libya, we need to make prevention measures,” Shoygu said.

The government of Afghanistan allegesaboutDaesh defeat in the country but political analysts believe that Afghanistan could turn into a field of another proxy war if the concerns of regional states were not removed.

These analysts accuse regional countries of weak stance against Daesh that has made other countries sensitive.

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