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Russia hands over 10,000 AK-47s to Afghanistan

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The 10,000 AK-47 rifles and 2.1 million munitions donated by the Russian federation to Afghan security forces were handed over on Wednesday to Afghan authorities in Kabul.

National Security Advisor Hanif Atmar welcomed Russia’s assistance, calling that “very important” and timely.

Addressing a joint press conference withRussian Ambassador to Kabul Alexander Mantytskiy, Atmar said that Moscow hadearlierpledgedthe assistance. “The rifles and munitions will be delivered to army and police.”

“The donation of weapons in critical condition is not only important from military view, but also important from political point of view,” Atmar said, calling it a sign of friendship and cooperation between Afghan and Russian nations and governments.

“Terrorismis not only a threat for Afghanistan, but it is also a big threat for the regions including Russia.”

He called for an international combat against terrorism, saying that Russia expressed its support to Afghanistan in this regard through the assistance.

Atmar added that equipping the security forces won’t be in paradox with the government’s ongoing peace process.

Beside the continuation of the peace process, Afghan security forces must be prepared for the defense oftheir people and country, he underlined.

Ambassador Mantytskiy said that the donation would be a supportive step of the policies of Afghan government.

He said that Russia wantsan independent, impartial anddevelopedAfghanistan which is free of terrorism and narcotics.

He stated that Russia had helped Afghanistan in different aspects and would continue cooperation with Afghan government in the future.

Russia will provide scholarships to Afghan military officers as well as for civilian students, the ambassador announced.

He said that Russia would remain committed to continue cooperation with the government of Afghanistan in different aspects in future.




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