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Russia rejects accusation of supporting Taliban

AT-KABUL: The Embassy of the Russian Federation notes the continuing series of groundless accusations against Russia about alleged support of the Taliban movement by Moscow, a statement issued by embassy in Kabul said. “It is surprising that statesmen, deputies and high-ranking police officers based on rumors and conjectures and without providing the public any evidence allow themselves to publicly make irresponsible accusations against Russia in financing and supporting terrorism,” the statement added.

The statement furthered, “in this vein, we note recent publications in the newspapers and interviews of the leaders of Afghan Parliament with warnings to the Russian Federation to end its support of the Taliban, statements made by the deputies  Muhammad Nayim Lalai Hamidzai and Nadir Khan Katawazi as well as by the commander of the 303rd Police Zone Asadullah Sherzad regarding the visit of the Russian military delegation to North Waziristan which allegedly illustrates the Russian Federation support of the enemies of Afghanistan.”

It added, “referring to some unnamed sources these officials claimed that the delegation of the Russian General Staff had been seen in the training camps of the Taliban movement with the Pakistani military.”

According to statement, deputy N.H.Katawazai said that he knows it from the words of some people, but does not have exact information. Previously the ex-governor of Kunduz province Mohammad Omar Safi declared about supplies of modern optics, weapons and heavy weaponry including T-62 tanks to the militants by the Russian Federation across the Tajik-Afghan border.

In addition, the press claimed that on the territory of Tajikistan bordering Afghanistan with the help of the Russian Federation some bases have been set up to service and repair the armor and vehicles of the Taliban which are transported across the Panj River by barges, the statement added.

“Considering that today the coalition in Afghanistan is represented by a sufficiently large number of countries including the main Afghan partner – the United States, which have intelligence agency and are equipped with the latest technology, it is strange that no photo or video material has been submitted so far and there were no satellite image or any result of aerial photography taken with UAV confirming the transfer of such large armored vehicles as tanks,” the statement added.

As repeatedly has been noted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation behind the replication of such absurd fabrications, a staged campaign of the so-called black PR people is clearly visible who are quite professionally able to distract from the failures of their own employers and divert attention to a non-existent enemy, the statement said.

It further went on saying that the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Afghanistan once again emphasizes that all accusations of financial and logistical support of the Taliban movement are simply not true and at the present difficult stage of finding ways to establish a peace process such actions of black PR people are counterproductive.

“The Russian Federation makes an important contribution to the collective fight against terrorism in Afghanistan; provides gratuitous assistance to equip the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) with weapons and ammunition; organizes the training of the Afghan law enforcement agencies’ employees on the basis of Russian specialized institutions. In 2017 the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation provided Kabul with 185 scholarships. A separate quota is also reserved for Afghan border guards: 56 of them will go to Russia for short-term courses and another 20 people will get higher education. Similar programs are being developed for the Drug Policy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.”
This year only by line of the law enforcement agencies Russia provides Afghanistan with around 350 scholarships and 300 scholarships in civilian specialties, the statement concluded.

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