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Russia says ex-Afghan forces fighting in Ukraine


Kabul: Putin’s special representative for Afghanistan announced that the special forces of Ashraf Ghani’s government are fighting against Russia in the ranks of the Ukrainian military.

Zamir Kabulov, Putin’s special representative and the director of the second Asian department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said: America is preparing to send troops of the former Afghan government to Ukraine.

Stating that some of the special forces of the former Afghan government have joined ISIS and are fighting in Iraq and Syria, he added: I think this is predictable and a repetition of the Iraq scenario that led to the emergence of ISIS.

Kabulov continued: “Some of these other forces have also apparently become military mercenaries with the promise of money, because they need to support their living expenses, so they join the Ukrainian Nazis.”

Putin’s special representative quoted a Kazakh official at the recent Afghanistan conference hosted by Uzbekistan and said: “About 110,000 Afghan soldiers fled this country after the fall of Kabul and are waiting for permission to enter the United States, but apparently they are not going to let them in.

Although he said: The Taliban has guaranteed not to allow militants or terrorists to be sent to Ukraine. They have guaranteed to the best of their ability not to allow this.

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