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Russia to host Taliban in September

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KABUL – In an effort to address the issue of inclusivity in the Taliban-led government, the next Moscow Format meeting on Afghanistan is set to convene on September 29 in Kazan. Zamir Kabulov, the Special Presidential Representative for Afghanistan, confirmed this important gathering, emphasizing the need for progress on the inclusivity matter.

The upcoming meeting will also focus on discussions regarding counterterrorism and drug-related crimes, aiming to find comprehensive solutions to these pressing challenges. Notably, the Taliban delegation has already confirmed its participation, signifying a willingness to engage in the dialogue.

Regarding the participation of other stakeholders, approximately half of the expected attendees have confirmed their presence. Kabulov expressed confidence that the remaining participants will also confirm their attendance in due time, with sufficient time remaining for preparations.

The Moscow Format was established back in 2017 with the primary goal of facilitating the process of national reconciliation in Afghanistan. The format includes influential countries in the region such as Russia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, all of whom play crucial roles in shaping the Afghan political landscape.

The previous Moscow Format meeting on Afghanistan took place in November of the preceding year in Moscow, and this upcoming gathering represents a continuation of the commitment to fostering dialogue and cooperation among the regional stakeholders to address the complex challenges facing Afghanistan.

As the date approaches, expectations are high for constructive and meaningful discussions that could pave the way for a more inclusive and stable future for Afghanistan. The international community remains hopeful that this meeting will yield positive outcomes and contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts for peace and stability in the war-torn nation.

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