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Russia urges Taliban to ‘ensure inclusiveness’

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KABUL: The Taliban will risk losing power in Afghanistan if an inclusive government is not formed, Russian special envoy Zamir Kabulov told Sputnik on Friday.

“Ethnic political inclusiveness is needed. They might lose power in the near future if they keep acting like that. They will have to ensure inclusiveness. By the way, we say this without ultimatums, calmly – just do it. They will have to do it,” Kabulov said. 

Kabulov blames the Western nations for humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. While asked if Moscow was willing to provide a loan to Afghanistan, the Russian envoy responded that his country’s priority is to provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghans.

“We can, of course, if (Russian) President (Vladimir Putin) decides. But you understand, have we got some extra money? Let us be careful with this. Our priority is the provision of humanitarian aid, food supplies, the provision of specific products and other essentials. Things due to what the Afghan people can survive this winter,” Kabulov said 

This is as the Taliban have spurned Russian envoy’s remarks and said the Afghan government was inclusive.  

“The Islamic Emirate has an inclusive policy. You know that the government is in a process of being completed, we are trying to fill the vacuums and have a government complete in all aspects,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.  

Political analysts said that the government’s leadership needs to be inclusive.  

“All Afghans have the right to be part of the government and serve their country. Afghanistan is not a country limited to one certain tribe or aspect,” said Hussien Haqyar, a political analyst. 

“An inclusive government that is formed of expert and loyal people is needed in Afghanistan,” said Omran Afghan, a political analyst.

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