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Russia, US getting closer on Afghan peace efforts

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KABUL: The United States and Russian Federation have got closer in efforts over peace in Afghanistan, according to reports.

However, Russia is still doubtful to the goals of the US long-term presence in Afghanistan and the Afghan war would not reach an end until this problem was not solved.

Representatives from China, Russia, United States and Pakistan held a meeting this week in Beijing to discuss a permanent ceasefire and continuing the intra-Afghan meetings.

Moscow has long opposed Washington’s policies on the Afghan war, peace process and other issues.

But now, reports say the two major powers have agreed on a lasting peace in Afghanistan that leads to the US withdrawal.

Russia is worried that the US plans to destabilize Central Asia and interfere in Iran’s internal affairs.

Moscow also opposes to the performance of private US security companies in Afghanistan and wants a total drawdown of US soldiers from its neighboring state.

The US has agreed in talks with Taliban to pull its troops out of Afghanistan, but President Trump has emphasized to keep intelligence presence in the war-hit country.

Trump’s statement sparked reactions with Russian media accusing Trump of dual game.

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