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Russian aid shipment arrives in Kabul

By: Demitry zhirnov-Russian Ambassador in Afghanistan

Kabul: Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it has delivered a shipment of 65 tons food, non-food and medicine to Afghanistan through Kabul International Airport.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, by announcing the delivery of these aids to the officials of the interim government of the Taliban, emphasized that the humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan will continue.

In July, Russia sent two shipments of 16 tons and 23 tons of humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

According to “Martin Griffiths”, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations for the coordination of humanitarian aid, the only way to prevent a disaster in Afghanistan is to continue humanitarian aid to this country.

On the other hand, the United Nations Aid Coordination Office in Afghanistan requested 4.4 billion dollars in financial resources about 9 months ago to help 22 million needy people in Afghanistan, but so far only 43% of this amount has been provided. —

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