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Amrullah Saleh (ehem. Leiter des National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan)

Saleh criticized for his abusive Hazara comments

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KABUL: President Ashraf Ghanis’ first running mate, Amrullah Saleh has earlier claimed that he found out voice messages, in which the Hazaras nations have been insulted and humiliated by some members of “Stability and Partnership” electoral teams, led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah. But, some members of the parliament on Wednesday criticized Saleh and said that he was a “kid” and needs to be educated.”

The lawmakers termed Saleh’s remark over Hazara nation an attempt toward pushing the country toward disunity.

A member of parliament, Sayed Daud Nasiri attacked Saleh, saying he is a kid. “He once put Hazara people’s hate, and said he is Hazara. But he also insulted them,” he added.

Talking about the honor and proud that Hazara has brought to Afghanistan; Nasiri said that he offers Saleh “ethical and social coaches to teach him about the society and its importance”.

Meanwhile, another parliamentarian, Mohammad Rahim Alayar said, “humiliation to an address of a specific tribe shows that being Hazara is still a crime in Afghanistan and that social taboo yes to be resolved.”

Khan Aqa Rezaee, another member of parliament, has called for the unity of Afghan mass, saying that all tribes are equal and have equal rights.

“If any tribes faced racism, we as a Tajik, would stand by them and would defend their rights,” he added.

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