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Sanity not sentiments

Taking people from poverty to decision-making is the state’s responsibility. How active citizens and effectives states can change the fare of the poor population is a matter of concern and honesty. When the state and those in whose hands lies the power remain unconcerned and crooked, how change will take place. Given the security challenges, inequality in the political system, rampant corruption, we live with risks. Unfortunately, this is not the last and only war we are fighting. Even if the actual war is over, we will be fighting too many wars, the wars on inequality, injustice, misogyny, cultural restraints, illiteracy, corruption, and yet the biggest one—poverty. George Bernad Shaw argued over a century ago in his 1907 play “Major Barbara” that the greatest of evils and the worst of crimes is poverty. Poverty is the biggest tragedy. It cannot be wiped out from the surface of the globe but it could be alleviated at least. Can it be alleviated if the government stops implementing development projects in certain parts of the country because of insecurity? It looks to be an act of sheer injustice to stop development projects in northern Kunduz. The acting governor for this province said Wednesday that uplift project activities should be stopped in areas where the insurgents enjoy locals’ support. Instead of stopping the projects why not to mount crackdowns on those who provide support to militants. The acting governor Ahmadullah Danishi informed a gathering that some parts of the province are supporting militants, which is why development projects must be stopped right away. Perhaps he considers it will placate the situation, but in the eyes of rationalists, this very step is very much deleterious as it will precipitate the miseries and grievances of the already deprived general public. Moreover, when President Ashraf Ghani is going to fulfill his promise that he made with the people of Kunduz when visited the province after it was recaptured from the Taliban? Danishi must not forget that Ghani had promised he will build metro bus service. And he talks of ceasing uplift projects? Isn’t odd enough? Isn’t the joke of the decade when Danishi says that had it been in his authority, he would have closed schools, stopped rule uplift schemes, and would have prevented sending even a single pul (the unit of Afghani-currency), to these areas in order to compel the people to stand against Taliban. The idea is not based on rationalism but ire, and ire never gives effective results. Suppose, he has the authority to do, will the people of the area bear all these tomfooleries? Will they hesitate from turning into militants? And will it not catapult their poverty. Danishi is not a man in the street to speak and think in a sentimental manner, he is responsible for all the governance affairs in the province, therefore, the nation expects sanity and rationalism from him and others who are responsible for running the state affairs.

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