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Saturday victory or riot day

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KABUL: The “Stability and Partnership” an electoral team led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, has once again warned the Independent Election Commission (IEC), saying that fraudulent votes should be declared invalid in the next “three days”. The electoral team set Saturday as deadline for the IEC to clean fake votes, claiming victory if suspicions votes removed. The firs running mate of Abdullah said their votes will be reached to 51 percent once these votes detached, but warned to stage wider protests across the country if the commission didn’t pay attention to its wishes and demands.  

Talking in a gathering on Tuesday, Abdullah’s first running mate, Babur Farahmand said that IEC has not taken any step regarding fraudulent votes and that their demands have not been meet so far.

Farahmand has announced his support to the citizen’s protests in northern Afghanistan, saying that the demonstration had been held to defend the transparent votes and oppose to the fraudulent votes.

He criticized the recounting process and said that such implementation would only give legitimacy to the corrupted votes.

“We made negligence by not letting the people know that we are with them. Unfortunately, with the interference of security forces in some provinces, the gates of the recounting centers have been opened,” he cited.

He also called on the government not to take acts which can lead the security forces to a dispersed condition.

According to him, over 137,000 which have been quarantined, 102,000 votes casted out of the specific time limit and 200,432 non-biometric votes should be announced invalid but due to Ghani’s pressures on the IEC, the commission has not been able to invalid these votes.

In case the IEC invalided the fraudulent votes, Farahmand said that their votes would be over 51 percent.

Meanwhile, second running mate of “Stability and Convergence” team, Asadullah Saadati has expressed criticism over acting defense minister Asadullah Khalid’s remarks on the election, saying that Khalid is not allowed to discuss election issues. He said that the IEC’s work has been misled and that people would not trust and support the commission.

Talking about the people’ protest against the votes’ recount, Saadati said that demonstrations were not against the National Unity Government but it were against the fraudulence and corruptions in the election process.

Afghanistan presidential polls were held on September 28th. There are severing disputes between the IEC and electoral teams. A number of electoral team has accused the IEC of working in favor of a specific team.

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