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Saudi vivify the vapid Pakistan

Pakistan, it was expected to fall down from brink and will have been spoiled its arrogance. Whenever Mr. Ghani has become president, this is the first time that Pakistan is secluded, marginalized and even pushed to the brink. Unfortunately, with tour of Mr. Salman, the Saudi prince, all hopes are wasted and liquidated that secluded, marginalized and fallen down Pakistan is revitalized.

There are some factors shows that Pakistan was under pressured and close to be blown out.

  1. The US pressure on Pakistan regarding Afghanistan peace process is being accelerated than any other time in history that Pakistan must encourage the Taliban for peace-negotiation and quit the war. For this purpose, the US will decrease squeezes and it’s supposed the Durand Line’s barbed wire will be sponsored by US, providing fulfill of Pakistan’s commitment. Pressuring and squeezing are efficient on Pakistan to be marginalized, and has more compact on Taliban peace negotiation.
  2. Pakistan has received several times loan from IMF, according to IMF conditions, Pakistan must pay interest that is huge amount. These interests have been increasing for several years, and Pakistan couldn’t afford it. Due to the huge amount of loan and interests, economic situation of Pakistanis so weak than any other time, and this is the other factor of secluding.
  3. PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement)-the new, powerful and rightishmovement- standing against Pakistan establishment to gain their rights. This standing up is the most power full factor to be marginalized, secluded and disintegrated Pakistan. Pashtuns are the third great majority in Pakistan, however, they don’t have any basic rights, freedom and authority; and they imposed to be part of Pakistan as well. Since Pakistan is committing oppression, injustice and cruelty on them; the Pashtuns are weariness and exhausted.According to history, this is the first time that Pashtuns are standing against Pakistan and want to get their basic rights. However, they want their basic rights, it is supposed to be repeated another 1971 as Bengaline stood out for their basic rights and Pakistan will be just Panjab.
  4. Afghanistan-Pakistan commercial relations are decreased strongly. This isa huge victory for President Ghani that Afghanistan is freed from Pakistan’s economic bans by air-corridor, Chabahar Port and development of transitional relations with northern neighbors of Afghanistan.
  5. The India-Pakistan relations has been devastated since Pakistan creation. The recent event that killed tens of Indian soldiers, India is being grief and has started maneuver. They combated three times, and it’s supposed that India will revenge strongly, and recoupment knocking offitssoldiers. From my view of point, Pakistan is strongly under pressure considering this factor.
  6. Iran, sometimes complain on Pakistan since presence of armed group in Sistan-Baluchistan. Before Saudi prince has visited Islamabad, some unknown armed group had attacked on Iranian soldiers and had killed dozens of them. Its assumed that this attack was committed by Pakistan and related to Mr. Salman’s journey that Pakistan would gain back and support as well as financial support of Saudi against Iran. Howsoever, Iran is irritable and want to join regional consensus against Pakistan and get rid of evil’s perpetration by marching their forces out.

The tour of Prince Salman was planned and executed under these sensitive and touchy situations. Saudi and Pakistan has close, strong, and strategic relations, since Pakistan is an Islamic-Atomic power. Pakistan was in fragility, however, Saudi interred into game closer than past and support Pakistan for its evil actions. It might be hatted by other Islamic countries such supporting of Pakistan by Saudi like Afghanistan, UAE, and Turkey. Afghanistan has been suffering almost four decade of Pakistan intervention and has been influenced from Pakistan’s bad evil; this will impact on Saudi-Afghan relations. The UAE is already against Pakistan and decreased relations with mentioned country, vice versa strengthened relations with India. Further, it will impact the coalition against Qatar that was developed and lead by Saudi and UAE. Turkey knows the bad evil and dissimulate and double-cross role of Pakistan. Additionally, Turkey knows the Saudi’s ruler that don’t have ability to lead the Islamic world. Furthermore, the recent fragile relations of Saudi and Turkey that was influenced by Saudi Journalist-Jalal Khashaqsi- is the other factor that lead to the lacking of Pakistan-Turkey and strengthening of Afghanistan-Turkey relation. Saudi is the leading country around Islamic country, it mustn’t do such vivify to an evil country, notwithstanding avoid Pakistan to not intervene in an Islamic country’s fairs. In contrast, Saudi give Pakistan financial and political support. Finally, it shows that Saudi are strongly support a malefic country, I hope it will no longer anymore.

Abdul Qahair Azizi is junior Assistant Professor at Afghanistan’s Academy of Sciences

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