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Save The Children Says Hunger Threatening Life of 14 Million Afghan Children

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KABUL: Save the Children in a recent report voiced concern about the Afghan children’s status and warned that hunger is threatening the life of 14 million children in Afghanistan.

The organization called on the international community to boost up efforts to provide support to the people of Afghanistan.

Since the Islamic Emirate “took power last August, poverty has skyrocketed and 14 million children face life-threatening levels of hunger. Parents are taking drastic measures to survive, such as withdrawing their children from school and sending them to work, or selling their children and arranging marriages for their young daughters,” the report reads.  

As Afghanistan is facing a severe economic meltdown, many children are forced to engage in hard work.

Save the Children earlier reported that one in fifth families have been forced to send their children for work due to high level of poverty in Afghanistan.

Abdul Shukor, 13, works as a street vendor and collects plastic from the trash cans.  

“I go to school in the morning and go to work from noon till evening. I collect the plastic bottles and sell them and earn around 50-60 Afs per day,” he said.

The Islamic Emirate said that it made a plan aiming to alleviate poverty across the country.   “The main reason of the children’s poverty is the families’ economic problems. And, therefore, we are looking forward to creating jobs for the families to protect the children,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy Minister of Economy.  

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