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SCA reopens health clinics in Laghman

AT-KABUL: The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has reopened all its closed health clinics and provincial health management office after a week-long closure due to security threats, the entity said in a statement on Wednesday.

“I’m very pleased to announce the re-opening of all clinics as well as Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s Health Management Office in Laghman province that had been closed. SCA’s mission in Laghman is to provide quality health service to all, and now we can fulfill our mission again,” said Madeleine Jufors, SCA Country Director in Afghanistan.

Through extensive dialogue with communities and by reassuring all stakeholders in words and actions that SCA provides quality healthcare services to all, irrespective of whether civilians or combatants, the threats have stopped. Furthermore, a letter has been presented by local elders committing to safeguard SCAs continued provision of health services, it added.

“We appreciate the constructive efforts from local communities and health stakeholders in re-opening of the health facilities. The winners are the people of Laghman, who now again have access to healthcare, “says Madeleine Jufors.

Upon repeated threats from Armed Opposition Groups, SCA was since June 2017 forced to close a number of clinics and later also its Health Management Office in Laghman province. Now, however, SCA is pleased that health services can go back to normal.

In Laghman province, SCA runs the Provincial Hospital in Metharlam and 54 health clinics located throughout all districts serving about 460 000 people. In the new health contract as of July 2017, SCA will increase the total number of health clinics in Laghman to 62.

SCA is a neutral and impartial development organization, working along humanitarian principles for and with the people of Afghanistan for 35 years. 70 000 Afghan children go to SCA-supported schools and over two million Afghan patients receive medical care each year in clinics and hospitals run by SCA.

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