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Security deterioration: WJ to summon security, HPC officials

Details about peace process shared, says HPC’s spokesman

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: The Wolesi Jirga (WJ) or Lower House of the Parliament on Monday decided to summon the security and High Peace Council (HPC) officials over growing insecurity.

Expressing concerns over the rampant insecurity, the lawmakers have decided to summon the high-ranking HPC and security officials on Wednesday and next Monday.

Muhammad Hashem Mahdawi, an MP, said the peace talks are at an ambiguous stage and President Ashraf Ghani did not want to provide the details.

“The president in a meeting with the lawmakers denied sharing details about the peace parleys while the public representatives [parliamentarians] are concerned over uncertainty of the talks”, said Mahdawi.

Criticizing the government for the deteriorating law and order situation, the legislator said that homes of locals are looted in the capital city but no action has been taken. “Therefore, it became necessary to summon the security officials and know about the reasons.”

Ghulam Farooq Majroh, another lawmaker, said the increasing insecurity has raised questions about credibility of the security organizations. He said that travelers do not feel safe or trust security forces when they travel.

He said that trust deficit between the government and public would increase if security situation was not improved.

Deputy Speaker of the WJ, Abdul Zahir Qadir, said the security officials including the national security advisor and the HPC officials would be summoned to brief the lawmakers over increasing insecurity and provide details on peace talks.

Spokesman of the HPC, Mawlawi Shahzada Shahid, said the Pakistani officials have showed their willingness to help the Afghan-led reconciliation process because they are also victim of insecurity.

He said the president has shared details about the peace process with members of the HPC. “We have provided suggestions to the president,” he said, adding that the president is serious about the negotiations.

The spokesman said that Ashraf Ghani wants to bring peace and stability to the country.

Regarding proposals of the HPC to the president, he said that prodding the Taliban for intra-Afghan dialogues, release of the Taliban insurgents and ceasefire with the militant group were the key suggestions.

Deputy spokesman to the chief executive officer Jawed Faisal told Afghanistan Times that the Afghan government and the Taliban have not reached an agreement over ceasefire. He said the government would welcome ceasefire offer to bring peace and stability to the country.

Regarding role of Islamabad in the peace talks, Abdullah Abdullah has already commended role of the neighboring countries, particularly Pakistan and China. He asked Islamabad to play vital role in bringing stability to Afghanistan through encouraging the Taliban to sit on the negotiation table without any conditions.

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