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Security forces called to stay away from political tensions

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KABUL: Analysts ask the security forces to keep outside of the current tensions between politicians.

The tensions ripped almost across the country after the Independent Election Commission announced President Ashraf Ghani as the winner of last year’s polls. The announcement faced serious reactions from Ghani’s rivals especially the persistent candidate Abdullah Abdullah.

Abdullah who has been hopeful for presidency almost in every election but has never secured enough votes, stood against the announcement and called it a “coup” and threatened to form a government of his own.

Now, both Ghani and Abdullah are preparing to form a government.

Political and military experts urge the impartiality of security forces in the political tensions.

“Those who are against the country’s laws, should be controlled by police and other security forces. The Afghan armed forces should be cautious and not be led to war,” said Dawlat Waziri, a retired army general and former spokesman of defense ministry.

Concerns over dragging of security forces to the tensions rose after Abdullah started to replace government’s official in a few provinces with his men.

Abdullah’s appointed governor for Jawzjan went to Abdul Rashid Dostum’s residence to start working after security forces banned him from entering governor’s office.

A governor source said that based on the constitution, security forces are responsibility of security and are not engaged in politics.

“There is no doubt that we are in a power vacuum. Therefore, we and our people ask the defense and security forces to be in the line of law. Whoever moving against the law should be punished,” said Hekmat Shahbaz, a military analyst.

Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, another security expert, said if security forces lose impartiality, the country would go to a fresh crisis.

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