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Security Forces Free Dozens from Taliban Prison

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KABUL: Afghan special forces have freed 92 people imprisoned by Taliban insurgents in the southern province of Uruzgan, the interior ministry said on Saturday.

Helmand is majorly controlled by Taliban fighting against Afghan armed forces. Kidnappings are commonplace. These 92 people were kidnapped on Friday from a park in the capital city, Trinkot, and freed after security forced raided the Taliban prison.

Civilians and security forces have not suffered any casualties.

The Taliban had earlier abducted around 55 civilians from Chak district of central Wardak province. There is no clue about the abducted people so far, according to reports.

To sign a peace deal, the Taliban and the U.S. had agreed on a prisoner exchange by the Afghan government and Taliban, in which the militants would release 1,000 prisoners in return for their 5,000 thousands fighter, held custody in Afghan government’s prisons. Now there are reports that the militants lack such number of prisoners, thus tries to kidnapped civilians to meet the measure of peace deal and prisoners’ swap.

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