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Security forces take control of Wardak’s Chak district

KABUL: Remaining under the control of the Taliban militants for 13 years, the Chak district of central Maidan Wardak province was cleared of the insurgents after a series of successful military operation carried out by the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF), said officials on Wednesday.

Chak was the Taliban’s provincial capital in past 13 years wherein they had established several check points, security officials said.

TOLONews quoted Noorzai, a police officer, as saying that transferring goods and supplies to the district was impossible due to threats by militants when it was under the control of the Taliban. He said the Taliban established court there and used to resolve complaints by locals but now it was under the control of security forces and they have established security check points there.

He mentioned that it was another great achievement for the Afghan security forces after they took full control of security countrywide.

Another policeman, Abdul Aziz, said the brutality of the Taliban pushed them to form a joint force against them. “We were 50 policemen at first when we decided to sacrifice our life for the good-well of citizens as well as for stability in the country,” he added.

According to TOLONews, there are some certain areas in Chak district wherein the Taliban used to trial people and award them death penalty and hanged them from trees, but the areas have come under the control of ANSF and people are happy there.

The reports also suggested that people in Chak are rounded around their area freely and a number of women and girls have found the opportunity to come out of their houses and walk in bazaars and other public areas.

In the meantime, local elders in Chak applauded the security forces for their success and ability to clear the district of militants, and suggested the government to drive its attention on reconstruction of the district and implement uplift projects there.

Mohammad Asif, a local tribal elder was quoted by TOLONews, as saying that the government had no control over the district in past 13 years but now security has improved there and they were hopeful for improvement in other sectors as well.

He added that they want more concentration by the government as they have been deprived of uplift projects and reconstruction projects in the past decade of development in the country.

The ANSF shouldered security responsibility after the end of NATO combat mission in Afghanistan in first day of 2015. The security forces received huge public support after they shouldered the important job. Religious scholars, civil society activists and citizens held different ceremonies and applauded security forces for their success and ability in ensuring security for Afghanistan, particularly the security of the two rounds of presidential election which were held in a safe environment provided by the ANSF.

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