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Security is govt’s top priority: Abdullah

AT-KABUL: Amid insecurity in parts of the country including northern provinces, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said security is the government’s top priority and the National Unity Government (NUG) will leave no stone unturned to pay heed in this regard.

He told the Council of Ministers (CoM) that attention to the security situation is an important matter for the government. He said the Defense Ministry officials will provide their reports about security situation to the session. “Security situation in Kunduz, Baghlan, Badakhshan and other provinces reveals that insurgents have mounted their attacks. The main point is that deputy ministers of Defense and Interior will report to us in this regard,” he added.

Abdullah praised brave resistance of the security forces against militants, and insisted that they should be equipped and supported.

Reports suggest that a number of northern provinces, including Kunduz, Baghlan, Badakhshan and Faryab, have faced attacks by the Taliban militants.

A number of lawmakers believe that the government is behind insecurity in the country, as it has not equipped and supported the security forces so far.

However, the CEO office stressed that the government is struggling to prevent insecurity and subversive activities by militants, and is supported security forces, seriously.

A number of critics suggest that security forces should be supported thoroughly.

Samim Rahpaya, an analyst, said the security forces have not been supported and equipped yet, that’s why insurgents have mounted their attacks against them. He said the CEO remarks reveal that the security forces are in dire need of equipment.

Anti-government militant groups have recently surged their attacks amid the spring season in a bid to capture parts of the country. Analysts believe that the security forces are passing through a challenging phase due to absence of support by the international troops.

However, security officials have always said that the security forces are well capable of defending the country—independently.

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