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Security on high alert: Kabul police

Capital police arrests 182 criminals  

AT-KABUL: Amid growing security concerns, Kabul Police on Monday assured residents and foreigners of foolproof security measures in Kabul.

Speaking at a press conference here on Monday, Kabul Police Chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said that law enforcement agencies were all set to foil terror attacks and avoid any untoward incident.

He said that troops, policemen and the secret services agents are deployed in all districts of Kabul province to stave off the terror attacks.

Rahimi said that joint operations are carried out every day against the anti-state elements in insecure districts of Kabul.

“A comprehensive security plan has been chalked-out and is implemented by all law enforcement agencies. Homes of suspects are searched by police with cooperation of the local elders. Patrolling on the streets during night time has increased,” he outlined.

Hinting to the achievement of police in the last two weeks, he said as a result of multiple operations, the police seized and defused at least 22 BM1 missiles, 19 anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines.

The provincial police chief said that in the past two weeks at least 182 criminals were arrested from various parts of Kabul city in different operations.

Rahimi said that the detained criminals were involved in various crimes and majority of them were handed over to the relevant judicial body for prosecution of their cases.

He said the detained criminals include eight murderers, 47 robbers, six burglars, 11 carjackers, and 11 pocket pickers, six illegal guns holders, 30 drug peddlers and 32 others allegedly involved in moral crimes. Police recovered seven AK-47s, three pistols and 78kg narcotics including hashish, heroin, opium and liquor from the suspects.

The police chief said that the alleged criminals have sparked a wave of concerns among residents of the capital city. He further said that the carjackers were active in the past two and half years and hijacked 29 vehicles.

Rahimi said the criminals confessed to their crimes without any pressure.

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