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Security situation remains fragile in Afghanistan: White House

AT-KABUL: The Afghan security forces are showing great determination and resilience even as the security situation in the country remains quite difficult, the White House, Press Secretary Josh Earnest told news reporters in his daily briefing.

“I think (latest terrorist attack) is an indication of something that we have long acknowledged, which is that security situation in Afghanistan is quite difficult, particularly in the fighting season. But what is true, and what continues to be true, is that the Afghan forces are showing great determination and resilience, even in the face of some setbacks,” he added.

“What is important is the continued commitment of the United States and NATO and other international contributors to the Afghan government and the Afghan security forces,” he added.

He added that the US and its allies have good partners in the Afghan government. “And it’s important that we continue to support them both militarily and economically as they seek to rebuild the institutions of that country but also strengthen the security forces in that country.”

At the same time, US State Department spokesman John Kirby condemned the attack on the police cadets and civilians in Paghman as “horrific”.

“The incident during the holy month of Ramadan underscored the extremists’ complete disregard for human life and the harm that they continue to inflict to the Afghan people,” he added.

On Thursday, two suicide bombers targeted policy convoy, killing at least 38 newly trained policemen and wounded over 40 others in Kabul.

Paghman District Chief Mohammad Musa Rahmati said that the convoy of recently trained cadets was on the way from Maidan Wardak to Kabul when the suicide bombers targeted it in Abdul Alikhil area of Paghman district at around 11:30.

He said that 38 people mostly police cadets were killed and over 40 others wounded in the incident. Taliban militants immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

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