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Security threats forced residents to close school in Logar

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KABUL: Residents of the southern Logar province on Saturday decided to close at least eight schools due to serious security threats to the schoolchildren.

The residents say these schools were closed due to security threats and deterioration of condition in Dehnow village of Mohammad Agha district of the province.

A tribal elder, Abdul Wahid Mubariz said the “students are not safe while walking to the schools” due to ongoing clashes between pro-government forces and the militants in the village.

“The security checkpoints have been formed by the local people named “People Movement” in the residential areas,” he said. These checkpoints keep firings on the militants, he added, saying people were forced to tell their children to not attend classes for their safety.

Two high schools, two secondary and four primaries for boys and girls are eight schools that closed by the residents, where according to them thousands of students were busy pursing education.

The residents said the local officials repeatedly promised to remove security checkpoints from the residential areas, but so far did not happen.

“Governor promised but didn’t take practical steps, the students were killed and wounded; so what can be worse than this,” said Omid, a resident.

Provincial Governor Mohammad Anwar Ishaqzai besides promising the pro-government forces would not create problems for the residents, said the checkpoints would be moved to the nonresidential areas.

“Checkpoints would be displaced. I have ordered the provincial council, National Directorate of Security and district chief to pay attention in regard, and School’s problems would be solved soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, Logar s’ Educational Department confirmed security challenges against the students and teachers in the province due to these security checkpoints.

“Security challenges have caused reduction of students in the schools, especially the girls,” said Shah Poor Arab Spokesman for Educational Department.

This comes as the Ministry of Education time and again called on the militants not to close schools and instead let the education authorities know of any suggestion they have at points.

At the same time ministry claimed of opening 300 schools last year, while still over 400 remained closed across the country.

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