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Senate demands immediate stop of US airstrikes

AT News Report-KABUL: Senators in the Sunday session called the US airstrikes in the country “inexpressive”, asking for an immediate stop to such attacks that only harm civilians.

They expressed concerns over what they called “increasing” airstrikes.

Members of senate also criticized deputy chief executive, Mohammad Mohaqqeq for his supportive statements about the Fatemyoun army’s victory against Daesh terrorist group. Afghans are believed to be part of the army. Senators called Mohaqqeq’s statement as cause to import a foreign war to the country, saying that the country’s leaders should not look at political issues as a business.

They asked Mohaqqeq not to deliver statements that are against the national interest.

Members of senate called the US air raids “blind attacks” carried out in Helmand and other provinces.

Head of senate called for immediate stop to the airstrikes.

Senators also asked for a probe over the recent allegations by the former intelligence chief and former national security adviser regarding vast frauds in the 2014 presidential elections.

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