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Senate lauds opposition for shutting election offices

Members of the Meshrano Jirga have conveyed their support to opposition parties for closing regional offices of the Independent Election Commission in several provinces.

Supporters of the majority opposition alliance on Saturday closed provincial offices of the IEC in Kandahar, Balkh and Herat provinces in protest to the ‘government’s disregarding their demands for electoral reforms’.

Senators on Sunday said that the pleas of political parties for electoral reforms were ‘logical’. They warned of an electoral crisis if transparency is not ensured in the upcoming ballots.

Political parties have been turning the heat up on the government and slinging accusations against its election commissions for allegedly intentionally rigging the elections that is slated for next month.

The head of Meshrano Jirga, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, also reiterated his call for transparent and fraud-free elections.

Senators were discontent over the visit of a Pakistani delegation to Kabul, saying that Pakistan has never done anything substantial despite the fact that many similar delegations have been sent to Afghanistan. They said such trips will be futile as long as Pakistan keeps up with its policy of strategic depth.

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