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Senate session not held due to electoral campaigns

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KABUL: The senate did not hold its Sunday session because of the beginning of presidential election campaigns, and gate of senate hall remained closed for members.

The closure of senate hall faced severe criticism by a number of senators.

Senate Speaker, FazlHadiMuslimyar, had reportedly attended President Ghani’s campaign and announced a break in senate sessions.

Hanif Hanafi, a member of senate, said he planned to speak on the people’s problems in the session, but went back home as there was no body in the hall.

He accepted senators’ participation in presidential candidates’ campaigns as legal, but ruled out break in senate sessions as illegal.

He said that senate sessions were very important because they discuss national issues, adding that senators were not allowed to leave their main job and attend another meeting.

Meanwhile, Feda Mohammad Saleh, another member of senate, called the break against the principles of parliament’s rooms.

According to him, although the senators have the right to attend campaigns of presidential candidates and to work in favor of their favorite ones, but they should pay respect to the legal and moral principles of the national council and prefer their own job to other events.

Members of senate emphasize that keeping the parliament’s rooms closed in this critical situation hurts people and country and is against national interest.

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