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Senator demand legal action against Gailani: “Gailani is a national traitor; he must be impeached for his irresponsible remarks”

AT News Report-KABUL: The recent remarks made by the head of Afghanistan’s national solidarity movement Sayed Ishaq Gailani – regarding India’s interference in Pakistan using Afghanistan soil – has caused denigration as high-ranking government officials demand legal action.

“India is using Afghanistan and use its soil against Pakistan. There is no doubt about this. They do this and why has this context been provided to them? Why has such a condition come that Afghan government and a number of people provide the situation for India to interfere in Pakistan,” Gailani said in an event in Pakistan.  Speaking in Islamabad, Ghailani said he lived in Pakistan for 26 years and two of his daughters live there. He said Pakistan was like his second home.

From very beginning, the Afghan government, including the erstwhile and the incumbent, have made it very clear to the world and proved it practically that the Afghan soil will never be used against any country.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Mohammad Radmanish said, “We are not allowing any group or country to target neighboring countries from our soil.”

Meanwhile, a number of Meshrano Jirga members during their Sunday session termed Gailani’s remark against the national interest.

Meshrano Jirrga Chairman, Fazal Haid Muslimyar told the session that President Ashraf Ghani must take the issue seriously.

“Gailan’s remark is against national interest and the Constitution—the intelligence agency must purse the issue seriously,” Muslimyar added.

Another senator, Junaddin Giyanwal said that Gailan is the enemy of Afghanistan and Afghan people—the enemies must be put on trial.

He termed Gailan as unpopular figure in the country. “He is neither a national leader nor a popular personality, but the visible enemy of Afghanistan.”

It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan and India have a strong relationship based on historical and cultural links.  The relationship is not limited to the governments in New Delhi and Kabul, but has its foundations in the historical contacts and exchanges between the people.

After the collapse of the Taliban regime, India come up to the fore with helping Afghanistan in every area—mainly in infrastructural projects such as constructing dams, roads, power transmission lines and so many others. But, the neighbor Pakistan has been hell-bent on destroying Afghanistan, and making all outs efforts to turn all projects, including the Indian one, into ashes.

One of Kabul citizen, Ajmal Murtaza, who is university student said, “It is disgusting to see one of Afghan favoring the sworn enemy of Afghanistan which is unmasked internationally for its lie and deceit over war on terror.”



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