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Senator insinuates Iran’s involvement in Afghan conflict

AT-KABUL: A member of senate has blamed Iran for being behind insecurity in “many provinces” of Afghanistan, claiming that Tehran destabilizes western Afghanistan to keep Afghan government busy so that it could not manage flowing waters into Iranian border areas.

Asef Seddiqi, deputy head of senate, said Monday that insecurity intensified in the western areas after the Salma dam project in Herat was completed and work on the Bakhsh Abad dam in the neighboring Farah began.

“Our neighbors have misused our waters that are really important. Insecurity intensified after the Salma dam and Bakhsh Abad dam projects completed and began. Iran has hand in insecurity in the provinces bordering with it,” Seddiqi said.

Earlier, defense minister, Tareq Shah Bahrami had called war in Farah province as “war of water management”. He did not mention specific country, but said situation in western areas deteriorated after the completion of Salma dam in Herat.

John Nicholson, commander of the US and NATO-led Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan, also said that Taliban fight in western Afghanistan with the support from neighboring countries.

Iranian officials had previously reacted to the water projects in Afghanistan, with foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif saying that Kabul and Tehran failed to reach an agreement over the flowing of Helmand river to Iran.

Musa Khan Nosrat, Farah representative in the parliament, said that Iran destabilizes the province to prevent the construction of Bakhsh Abad dam.

President Ashraf Ghani had earlier said that he would control the rivers flowing into neighboring countries.

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