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Senator says Black Water can’t help Afghan security

AT News Report-KABUL: A member of senate claims that the situation in Afghanistan is turning to a peaceful direction, saying that the American security company, Black Water could help and be useful.

Hashem Alokozai, said Saturday that the Black Water’s interference and pouring more soldiers into the country, would turn public hopes for peace into frustration. He added that the only solution was dialogue, not the continuing war.

“The presence of Black Water and other foreign soldiers in Afghanistan is not in the benefit of this country, we call on Trump and NATO to not adopt war policy on Afghanistan anymore, they should work on peace instead. The Black Water’s suggestion is not in the advantage of Afghanistan,” said Alokozai.

Head of the Black Water has suggested that veteran US soldiers should replace the existing American troops in Afghanistan. Head of the company has said that the Afghan war should be handed over to the private security companies, adding that this would decrease the expense of the war.

He has accused Pakistan of cheating the US, saying Islamabad still supports Taliban.

Black Water is a US private security company with mercenaries. The company’s activity in Afghanistan was annulled in 2013.

The government has yet to comment, but Ghani’s administration had earlier rejected such suggestions by the Black Water.

Security analysts believe that there was no need for foreign security companies to send forces to Afghanistan, because the Afghan army and police are enough capable now.

“We have capable commando unit and other powerful forces who are well armed and know the geography of the war. Foreign troops do not know who is guilty and who is not,” said HaiGolMiakhel, security expert.



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