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Senators allege US interests sought in Qatar talks

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KABUL: Senators accuse the United States of seeking its own interests in the ongoing negotiations with Taliban representatives, held seven times to find ways for peace. The members of senate asked on Tuesday the government to hold initiatives of the peace talks.

The US envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad started the seventh round of talks with Taliban negotiators on Saturday in Qatar, which was expected to conclude by Tuesday night.
The two sides are said to have gained progresses and agreements on parts of problems, however, the details of the negotiations were not shared with the government of Afghanistan that caused reactions.
“The United States is seeking its intelligence goals behind the scene of the Qatar negotiations, thus, no details of the talks are shared with the government and people of Afghanistan,” senate speaker, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar said.
He added that Afghan politicians need to cooperate with the government and work seriously for peace that is a dream for Afghan people.
If the US has really started Qatar talks for ensuring peace in Afghanistan, Muslimyar said, it should have stopped the talks for at least one day to condemn Taliban’s Monday attack in Kabul that killed and wounded civilians.
Zalmay Zabuli, another member of senate, also claimed that US was not honest with the people and government of Afghanistan in the ongoing Qatar talks. Washington, according to Zabuli, as President Donald Trump said, was seeking intelligence war under the pretext of talks with Taliban.
Zabuli emphasized that the leaders of unity government should gather all politicians and adopt a unit and clear stance for peace.
Senators said that negotiations need ceasefire first and if the US wants to help peace in Afghanistan, it has to pressure Taliban to observe a truce that is the will of Afghans. Otherwise, the senators said, peace wouldn’t be ensured while Taliban continue killing people.
Muslimyar pointed to the intra-Afghan dialogue expected to be held next week, saying that neither the government nor politicians were aware of the meeting planned to be hosted jointly by Germany and Qatar in Doha.
He called on the government to hold the initiative of the negotiations, or hamper the talks.

Germany has reportedly said to host the first ever negotiations between Taliban and representatives from President Ghani’s government jointly with Qatar on July 7-8, an announcement welcomed by US diplomat Khalilzad.

The ministry of foreign affairs welcomed the meeting, but did not provide details.

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