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Senators fear Afghanistan could become second Syria

AT News Report-KABUL: Members of senate warn that Afghanistan could be a second Syria if serious efforts were not made for peace process.

The senators ask international community to convince Taliban that peace is the only solution for the current crisis.

Alam Izadyar, deputy chairman of senate said Sunday that people’s representatives in parliament and senate should be informed of the peace talks process, rejecting “individual” efforts as with no result.

“There are different hands in Afghanistan who are trying to change the country into a second Syria. Thus, we need a national and also a regional consensus, because individual efforts will not give fruit as it didn’t in the past,” said Izadyar.

The senators still doubt Taliban and even the government are serious to the peace talks with senator, Ghairat Bahir, saying that the government was still unclear for peace commitments.

Participants in the Geneva Ministerial Conference supported this week of the Afghan government’s peace efforts.

Separately, the US special representative for Afghan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad expressed optimism over the peace program in his second trip to Kabul and some regional countries, where he sat for the second time with the Taliban representatives. Khalilzad hoped that there would be significant steps toward peace before the presidential election that has been scheduled for late April.

“Both people and government are seriously committed to bring a sustainable peace through dialogues. Let me say that peace talks do not need preconditions, but when we enter the talks, then there would be some conditions that should be observed,” said Omid Maisam, spokesman of the chief executive.


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